2025 Congenital Deficiencies & Deformities


January 20-24, 2025

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This course will present comprehensive exposure to assessment, planning, surgery, and rehabilitation of patients with Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD), Congenital Pseudarthrosis Tibia (CPT), Fibular and Tibial Hemimelia, Congenital Pterygium Knee, Radial Club Hand, and Congenital Dislocation Patella.

Participants will get to see patients before, during, and after surgical treatment as well as live surgery demonstrating procedures such as SUPERhip, SUPERknee, SUPERankle, SHORDT, X-UNION, and Ulnarization.

Participants will also visit our physical therapy department to learn rehabilitation techniques for lengthening patients. Tuition includes participation in the educational program, handouts, and all meals.

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I cannot recommend Dr. Paley’s congenital limb course enough. Dr. Paley’s technique publications are some of the best available (especially the figures) but there is so much to be gained by speaking directly with Dr. Paley and Dr. Shannon during the lectures and during the procedures. Watching them perform the procedure in real time and asking questions is better than any pre-recorded video. After attending the course I performed my first SUPERhip and X-UNION procedures and both have done incredibly well. Dr. Paley and Dr. Shannon have continued to be great mentors after the course and have helped guide me in the follow-up after these complex surgeries.

I've had some time to digest and go through the notes I took on the congenital deficiencies tutorial and I wanted to send you a message to say thank you again for running this course. Clearly opening your theatre to a room full of people, when you're operating on some of the most complex conditions is not something most people would take lightly. The week was excellent, not only to see the practical application of the procedures you've published on, but also the collegiate learning from speaking to the candidates from around the world. Really found the process stimulating and hope to be able to apply the concepts we've covered in my practice in the UK.

Excellent course! Dr. Paley and his team showed us the biggest experience, explaining many challenges, classifications, and techniques for each malformation! Club Hand, Hips, Knees, and ankles problems! Excellent!

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An Orthopedic Surgeon's Systematic Guide for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Femoral Deficiency in Children and Young Adults. 

CFD Congenital Femoral Deficiency is a pivotal resource generously supported by the Paley Foundation. This esteemed organization is dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and skills among orthopedic surgeons globally, focusing on the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with rare bone disorders, limb deficiencies, and unique skeletal conditions. Profits from the sale of this book are committed to supporting the Paley Foundation’s efforts in medical research and educational initiatives, enriching the lives of both healthcare professionals and patients worldwide.

12″ X 12″ | Hard Cover | 440 Pages | 3000+ Illustrations & Images


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